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Our Story

For many Oregon families, a sudden illness, unexpected expense, or loss of wages can quickly turn into a crisis. And when that storm hits, these families find themselves facing agonizing decisions. Pay the gas bill or buy food? Lights or medicine? Rent or heat? But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At the Oregon Energy Fund, we have a vision. A vision that includes neighbors helping neighbors. Together, we can help provide basic needs to families facing hardships – powering our neighbors’ lives when they need us most.

The Oregon Energy Fund is a 27-year-old statewide charitable organization providing energy assistance to thousands of Oregonians in times of unexpected crisis. Through the generous contributions of their neighbors, we help struggling Oregonians keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, light to see and heat in the cold. With the power of giving, we can provide the basic needs that allow people to live productive and healthy lives.

Meet Our Team

Advisory Council

  • Scott Bolton
  • Carol Dillin
  • Dave Williams

Board of Directors

  • Adam Lowney, President
  • Marisa DeCristoforo, Vice President
  • Anne Wahr, Secretary
  • Tori Bryson, Treasurer
  • Kristen Brown
  • Becky Eberle
  • Jason Heuser
  • Margi Hoffman
  • Melissa Nottingham
  • Tyler Richardson
  • Miguel Santos
  • Sarah Simmons


  • Brian Allbritton
  • Marietta Doney
  • Ann Rogers-Williams

Contact Us

Phone: 971-386-2124
1020 SW Taylor St, Suite 620
Portland, OR 97205