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2022: The Year in Review

2022: The Year in Review

December 15, 2022

Dear friends,

While post-pandemic job recovery has been swift, many families have not been able to make up the income that was lost during “stay home” periods and are still significantly behind in their expenses.  Worse yet, the number of utility customers with past due bills continues to be higher than it was Pre-pandemic. One-time assistance payments can give families the help they require to pay their bills in full and not have to face a disconnect.  This is the problem that OEF, with your support, solves for thousands of Oregonians every year.

All the time, we hear from recipients who tell us how receiving energy assistance meant they could pay the bills and buy food for their family, not having to choose one over the other. We recognize that the need for assistance continues to be high, which is why we are thrilled to have been able to expand our impact during the summer, as well as increase funding to rural counties across the state.

One of our most exciting accomplishments this year is the Nonprofit Energy Retrofit Collaboration. OEF and NW Natural have teamed up to assist Albertina Kerr, a nonprofit that serves Oregonians with developmental disabilities. Together, we are performing construction upgrades to help Kerr lower its energy costs and increase the overall health and quality of life for its residents. We are delighted to expand our programming in this way and look forward to assisting other nonprofits across the state in coming years.

Our annual benefit was held on October 29th this year at the Sentinel Hotel. With our highest turnout in recent years, we raised almost $70,000 to assist our neighbors in financial crisis with their energy bills to support household stability.

In the simplest terms, OEF has a solution that works. It matters. Your support makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors, every single day. I am inspired by the unwavering support shown by our community and am confident that we can build a brighter future together.


Brian Allbritton
Executive Director