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Voices of Oregon Energy Fund

Voices of Oregon Energy Fund

January 3, 2024

Amarah was a dedicated student, determined to succeed in her spring term. However, life had a different plan for her. A month before the end of the semester, her primary source of income as a delivery driver came to a screeching halt. Her faithful car had finally given up on her. Amarah’s earnings vanished overnight, leaving her with a stack of unpaid bills.

With the commitment to see Amarah through her difficulties, Oregon Energy Fund offered a helping hand. We provided financial assistance to keep her power on during this trying period. The relief Amarah felt was immeasurable and allowed her to focus on her studies without constant worry.

The story of Amarah is a testament to Oregon Energy Fund’s mission to serve not only families but also students, recognizing that education is a powerful tool to overcome adversity. By assisting students like Amarah, we ensure that the flame of ambition continues to burn even in the darkest of times.

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