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Project Highlight: Agape Square

Project Highlight: Agape Square

January 3, 2024

Agape Square, a Habitat for Humanity community in Portland’s Cully neighborhood, has been chosen for Oregon Energy Fund’s third energy retrofit project in the Portland Metro area. Fourteen diverse families call Agape Square home.

Maintaining a home is challenging for the low-income homeowners, especially when expensive critical repairs are needed. Oregon Energy Fund’s retrofit program provides both short-term and long-term solutions to these families, ensuring that their homes will be safe and comfortable by winter.

In the words of Hans, a grateful Habitat for Humanity homeowner, “It felt like a blessing that it just came to us.” These projects, he emphasizes, are not just helpful; they are crucial. They serve as the foundation upon which cherished memories are built and passed down through generations. Hans adds, “These kinda things are crucial and helpful to us to keep a well-working machine so that the kids can come over and enjoy the house that they grew up in. So it’s important to us.”

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