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30 Years of Powering Lives

30 Years of Powering Lives

December 16, 2019

Recipients, donors, and friends share what Oregon Energy Fund
has meant to them over the last three decades.

Image of a smiling mother and daughter.


“Without heat, you don’t have anything. You can’t cook. The refrigerator doesn’t work. And how was my daughter supposed to do her homework without lights? I appreciate the community looking out for people who need help. That’s a great community.”

Cheryl, OEF recipient


“We don’t ask for much and take great pride in making it on our own. But when we really needed the help, OEF was there to help us.

Rachel, OEF recipient

I saw how resolving one problem can help people stabilize their lives and gain control over other issues. That’s why I’m glad OEF is here to help.”

James, former case manager

Image of a handwritten note that reads: "We really appreciate the work & financial help the Home Energy Assistance Program does for those in need. We remember, well, how we were helped by the program. Keep up the wonderful work you do in trying to keep people warm during the winter. Thanks!"

“The assistance from OEF allowed us to keep our electricity and our gas going, and it enabled us to pay doctor bills.

Diana, OEF recipient

“OEF has opened my eyes and heart to people who can’t count on what I take from granted: I turn up the thermostat and the heat comes on. I hit a switch and the lights come on. I wish I could give more. But I’ll keep giving.

Steven, OEF donor

I’m amazed at the extent of OEF’s aid to communities across Oregon, and your commitment to helping those in need. Thank you for your wonderful work helping communities stay warm and keep the lights on.”

Teresa, OEF donor

“My husband developed a life-threatening medical condition that temporarily put him out of work. The only income we had was his small military pension. Oregon Energy Fund helped cover our bill and find a new job.

OEF recipient

It felt like a Mack Truck being lifted off of me. It was one less thing I had to worry about, knowing that when we got home, we’d be going home to a warm house, and I could cook for my daughter and bathe her, and we could go to sleep without that worry.”

Renauda, OEF recipient

Image of a smiling older woman sitting in an easy chair with a ball of yarn in her lap.


“I am a past recipient, and if I donate another 30 years, I’ll not come close to how important that aid was to me then. (5 children, winter ahead, no hope, very little money.) Thank you for that. I hope I can keep helping you help others. It’s so very important.

Shannon, OEF donor


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