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Fall 2017: Letter From the Executive Director

Fall 2017: Letter From the Executive Director

September 18, 2017


Family, Friends, Coffee, Faith, Sense of Community … I asked you all to tell us what powers you and your replies were just wonderful – demonstrating so many great examples of what motivates and inspires you. Your responses tell us that while we may be from different parts of Oregon, we have many experiences in common.  Your stories help us all understand common struggles and the power we have to make positive change possible for our friends, family, and neighbors – even for people that we’ve never met.

An example that captures the spirit of this occurred just last month as Oregonians experienced an extended heat wave combined with exceptional amounts of wild fire smoke.  The temperatures in the Portland Metro area were so high that they disrupted light rail travel, forcing people to find alternative ways to get to work.

However, neighbors stepped up to set up ad hoc carpools.  Folks who had some room to spare in their vehicles helped others who otherwise would have suffered long delays waiting for trains in the heat.

While this wasn’t a lot of effort for those who offered assistance, it did have a huge impact on the folks they helped, particularly if they had breathing issues.  It just goes to show that a little can go a long way and that every bit helps.

In our upcoming newsletter issues, we’ll be looking at different areas of the state.  Each edition’s stories are a composite of the diverse and shared experiences of people working together to solve problems. Through the power of giving, neighbors are helping neighbors, just like our carpoolers.

Brian Allbritton, Executive Director