“I Owe You My Life”: In Their Own Words

December 5, 2018

Image of a blonde woman in a blue shirt sitting next to a lamp.

“I’m on a veteran’s pension and Social Security benefits…it doesn’t quite cover it. With power and rent going up, I kept finding myself getting behind more and more. I had to move in with my son to be able to afford a place to live.

If I hadn’t received assistance, I wouldn’t have had electricity, and if you don’t have electricity, you can’t live in your home. You don’t have your refrigerator, you don’t have your toilets, you don’t have your air conditioning, your heaters. It’s dark, it’s cold.

So I am very grateful, because without Oregon Energy Fund, I wouldn’t have been able to live there.”

~ Rickie, U.S. Navy Veteran


Image of an older man and woman sitting next to a potted plant.

“Our mobile home is all electric, so it’s very important that we don’t lose electricity. With the fires going on this summer, with my asthma, it was very difficult to even go outside.

My husband and I are both on CPAP machines at night to help us breathe, so if we’d lost our electric, we would’ve been in a real world of hurt. I am so thankful that Oregon Energy Fund is in the area to help so many people.”

~ Joyce & Howard

Close up of a young woman wearing a striped shirt.

“I’m currently in treatment court and getting reacquainted with being a productive member of society. I just moved into an apartment, which is such a stepping stone for me, and without the assistance from Oregon Energy Fund, I wouldn’t have been able to pay rent.

I’m doing everything I can to succeed in my program, and I’m grateful that Oregon Energy Fund has programs for people who have a little higher income but still need assistance.”

~ Breana

Image of an older woman sitting next to a floor lamp.

“I’m a single parent of four. I work hard and I work long, but with raising four kids and the food costs, it gets expensive. Earlier this year, I had an electric bill that I didn’t have enough to pay plus rent, plus everything else.

Oregon Energy Fund helped out a lot. Our lights would’ve been shut off, and I would’ve had to either not pay my rent, or not pay my car note, or another bill would’ve not been paid. If it hadn’t been for Oregon Energy Fund, we would’ve been in the dark.”

~ Lela

Image of an older woman speaking while her husband sits in the background.

“I had to retire two years ago when my husband Mike was diagnosed with dementia. I’m his caretaker, and he can’t be left alone for two seconds. But losing half my income, going on Social Security, just killed us. We have a lot of medical, and we got a notice that our rent would be going up.

Then this summer, it was very hot. We had fans going in the bedrooms, and the A/C, and we received a utility bill that was $400. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what do we do?’ Oregon Energy Fund saved us. I owe you my life.”

~ Sarah