Voices of Oregon Energy Fund

Voices of Oregon Energy Fund

December 15, 2020

A smiling blonde woman in a blue dress stands in front of a wooden door.Oregon Energy Fund is my favorite charity to give to. I went through a time in my life when I was financially unable to deal with my bills…I went without heat for a year. Oregon Energy Fund saw me through those lean times. It was a godsend. And I realized giving back was really important. You were the first charity I donated to when I was able. It meant that much to me, my life, and how I’ve turned out.” – Michelle, OEF donor & former client 

“Since COVID-19,I’m taking care of my grandchildren, which has impacted me greatly financially. I am now learning of new resources, like Oregon Energy Fund. Thank you and bless organizations like you.” – Christine, OEF recipient 

“Thank you for doing this for those in need. I’m very grateful for the help I got when I needed it most.” – Jan, OEF donor 

“Deborah lost her job due to COVID-19, and had to stay home to help care for her mom, who is disabled and immuno-compromised. They had no income for weeks, and took a long time to get approved for unemployment. She eventually received several UI checks, but used them immediately to pay back rent.” OEF made up the difference and helped Deborah catch up on her past-due energy bills. – St. Vincent de Paul, OEF partner 

You have made managing and surviving through our current crises possible. Your kind spirit and incredible concern for my family has been encouraging and uplifting.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Oregon Energy Fund client 

A smiling man in glasses and a suit stands in front of city buildings.Ensuring access to warmth and light is critical for the health, safety, and dignity of all Oregonians. As my own home has become a school and an office these last few months, I’m reminded on a daily basis that Oregon Energy Fund’s mission remains as relevant today as when I first joined the board. This year has taught us the importance of working together to support our communities, and OEF has been right there with us: powering homes, powering lives.” – Adam Lowney, OEF Board of Directors 

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